Proposal to create and co-incentivise the DOLA/mkUSD pool on Balancer

Title: Proposal to create and co-incentivise the DOLA/mkUSD pool on Balancer
Author: cryptoharry from Inverse Finance and Frank Olson from Prisma Finance
Type: PRFC
Date: 11-12-2023



This proposal aims to describe the creation of the DOLA/mkUSD pair on Balancer, coupled with the approval for budget allocation to stimulate liquidity bootstrapping.


This proposal seeks approval for the allocation of funds to incentivize liquidity in the forthcoming DOLA/mkUSD pool on Balancer. The incentives include $30.000 worth of PRISMA, a sum to be matched by Inverse Finance for the same pool. The incentive program is designed to span 6 weeks.


This pool allows mkUSD to pair with another decentralized stablecoin on Balancer. More volume on more dexes is important when looking to get an oracle, which would allow mkUSD to be used more widely in DeFi. By incentivizing this pool to attract liquidity, we hope it will encourage future development of mkUSD and their presence in the Defi ecosystem.


If you agree with this proposal, this proposal would lead to a snapshot vote in 2 days


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I think this blog from the llamarisk team is still valid besides still the bad debt. From my point of view this 30k could be better used for other pools and growth of the protocol.


Definitely need to get more pairings going and collaborations like this are a great way. Inverse Finance has a great team and they are very positive sum minded. I fully approve.

I am also assuming these 6 weeks will be enough to get balancer positions on prisma receivers as that’s an integration not currently available. Thus a receiver vote for that following completion