[PIP-024] Add receivers for USDe/mkUSD pool on Curve and Convex

Author: Sidney (Co-founder Prisma)
Date: 2024/02/20


Ethena has recently launched on mainnet and rapidly became one of the largest stablecoin on Ethereum. Their shards campaign launched with mkUSD/USDe Curve LP’ing receiving shards.
At the moment, users can stake to participate in Ethena launch campaign but cannot receive PRISMA/CRV/CVX rewards.

Motivation & Benefits to Prisma

Ethena has attracted significant demand for mkUSD allowing it to reach $0.997 and we wish to deepen the partnership with what we believe is one of the most innovative new projects to launch in a while.
Users who stake mkUSD/USDe Curve or Convex on Prisma will also be eligible to receive Ethena shards on top of Prisma rewards.


Pool: Curve.fi
Pool address: https://etherscan.io/address/0x1ab3d612ea7df26117554dddd379764ebce1a5ad
USDe on DeFiLlama https://defillama.com/stablecoin/ethena-usde
Docs: Ethena Labs Overview - Ethena Labs


please Sidney for the safety of the Prisma protocol and for all your users do not integrate with Ethena - they just launched…please give it some time. New protocols get hacked all the time

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Creating a pool with a partner protocol presents no systemic risks to Prisma users. They can choose to LP in it or not.