[PIP-021] Add Curve and Convex Receivers for PayPool/mkUSD pool to receive PRISMA rewards

Quick Info:
Trident Website - https://www.tridig.io/
Curve Pool Address: 0x383e6b4437b59fff47b619cba855ca29342a8559
Curve Pool Gauge: 0x9da75997624c697444958aded6790bfca96af19a

This proposal aims to add receivers for the PayPool/mkUSD metapool on both Curve and Convex. It will allow vePRISMA voters to direct PRISMA emissions to the pool once it is passes as a gauge and further grow TVL and liquidity for mkUSD. To drive this process, Trident will incentivize the PayPool/mkUSD metapool.

A PayPool basepool was recently created and we are in the process of creating the mkUSD metapool to pair with the basepool. Trident plans to direct voting incentives towards the pool to deepen liquidity for both assets. A gauge for PRISMA emissions will further deepen liquidity and grow mkUSD and pyUSD within the Curve ecosystem.

About Trident
Trident Digital is an experienced digital asset solutions provider that works with counterparties to achieve a number of goals across the crypto space. We aim to scale stablecoin adoption both within and outside the crypto market through strong relationships and experience navigating both the crypto and traditional finance markets. Our previous on-chain work includes facilitation of incentives for the USDP-PSM 11, as well as incentivizing the PYUSD/USDC (Paypool) Curve LP.

Trident will enhance mkUSD liquidity within the curve ecosystem with its PayPool metapool by utilizing vote incentives to increase liquidity for mkUSD.

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