[PIP-013] Set cbETH "mint" incentive receiver to inactive


Disable the mint receiver on the cbETH trove manager, preventing it from receiving further PRISMA emissions.


Minting new debt from trove managers that have reached their debt ceiling is not a productive activity, and can even be gamed. Therefore, PRISMA incentives for minting debt against cbETH collateral should be ceased until a future time when the ceiling is raised.

If enacted, any incentive votes that go toward this receiver ID will have its corresponding rewards amount reassigned back into the vault’s unallocated supply.


Target Contract:: 0x06bDF212C290473dCACea9793890C5024c7Eb02c
Function: .setReceiverIsActive(receiver=6, False)


Next steps

Within three days, if supported, this proposal will move to snapshot for temp check.


This seems to be the sensible thing to do but gone unnnoticed in the forum. Any way to kick this proposal back alive, seems we are incentivising the full debt cap cbeth with a lot and it is prone to be gamed, or can be used elsewhere. As proposed, we can keep incentivising it when debtcap is raised further.

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