[PIP-003] Add Convex PRISMA-ETH Pool so it can receive PRISMA rewards


This proposal is straightforward and simply proposes to add support PRISMA/ETH as a receivers so that lockers may vote to direct emissions to it.
The Curve PRISMA/ETH pool is already up as a receiver so we expect this to be non contentious.


As Convex have been excellent ecosystem partners and that LP’ing PRISMA/ETH there now gives CVX rewards, it makes sense for vePRISMA holders to be able to direct PRISMA emissions to it.


Target Contract: 0x3da992f4694d1a1624c32cafb5e57fe75b4bc867
Command: deployNewInstance(257)
Implementation address: 0xa85461AFc2DEEC01bDA23b5cd267d51F765fba10
LP token address: 0xb34e1a3D07f9D180Bc2FDb9Fd90B8994423e33c1

[(‘0x3dA992F4694d1a1624c32CAFb5E57fE75B4Bc867’, ‘0x9fa53d230000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000101’), (‘0x06bDF212C290473dCACea9793890C5024c7Eb02c’, ‘0x33dee360000000000000000000000000685e852e4c18c2c554a1d25c1197684fd95931450000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001’)]

Next steps

This will be a three day snapshot temperature check where vlCVX voters are able to vote on Convex


Vote now

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