[PRFC] Victim Relief Proposal (v3)

I’m for this initial proposal, it’s reasonable and fair. I agree that we need to move faster since the price of ETH appreciating. This has already been delayed quite a long time with no action. It’s time to move this to vote ASAP or the discussions will go on forever and we will risk the not being able to reimburse as much to the victims.

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Unfortunately the numbers presented cannot be met.

Given these numbers of 2.25M can we say that we will distribute 50% of the treasury and keep 50% for runway? Or is 50% too high or to low? Would be curious on yours and others thoughts.

There seems to be 3 things we need to agree on and probably in this order:
1- Is the total compensation to be calculated in dollar denominated at time of exploit or ETH denominated terms?
2- What is the total % of the current 2.25M treasury that should be spent vs kept for runway? I propose 50%.
3- Should the payments be made to focus on smallest to biggest victims or be made pro-rata?

Anything missing in this list and is the order fine?
Are three separate votes required for this?

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These are some numbers taken from my chart above (total usd assets $2,255,828.00):

Reimburse Num wstETH Runway Weeks of Runway
50% 1,127,914.00 255 1,127,914.00 24
40% 902,331.20 204 1,353,496.80 29
30% 676,748.40 153 1,579,079.60 34

Weeks of runway doesn’t include any extra sent to the victims, though the proposal outlined that future payments would only occur if the fees accrued for the month went over $80,000 mkUSD/ULTRA.

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24 weeks is low, we would be out of funds within 6 months.

But perhaps in the vote could we have 3 options: 30%, 40%, 50%?


Yeah that sounds good, explain the options and consequences.

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